Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Headed Home

I'm hopping on a jetplane tomorrow at 2 pm, headed home. I've got 6 days until school starts and LOTS to do. Yikes.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I love Germany

Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've been busy with the little guy (I'm home alone with him this weekend). We've been doing some fun stuff (going to the zoo, Legoland, a few amusement parks... not all this weekend). Anyways. German life is treating me well. I've been going on a couple of 5:15 am bike rides with my uncle and his friend and I hate to admit it, but it is refreshing. I am SO not a morning person. Good news though, I've lost TWENTY ONE pounds. I think I should move here. The past few weeks have been just a couple of pounds, but that's ok, I'm not gaining anything. Next weekend we're headed to Holland to spend some time on the beach. Then I have one more week here and then I'm homebound. Soon after that, I start school. Busy busy. Anyways. I hope it's not this long again until I update, but it probably will be.