Thursday, April 15, 2010

the newest family member...

Meet the new pup. She looks old in this picture, but she's only 4 months. She still doesn't have a name, any suggestions?? :)



So adorable!!


He is so gorgeous! How about Bosley? Friends of mine have a Bosley, and he reminds me of your boy.
Thanks for your comments on my blog; I'd love to get some ideas from you, but I'll wait till I've seen our case manager and know a bit more about it myself.


Ok, forget Bosley, I obviously can't read and didn't see that your little one is a girl!!!!

The Reader

Adorable! Can't tell from the sepia tone - is she a chocolate lab?? Or black? If she's a chocolate, "beijos" which means kisses in Portuguese. You know....chocolate kisses. Yea, corny, I know.

Otherwise, I got nuthin'. Except she is stinkin' cute and I totally want one.


Chocolate. The original picture was pretty nasty colored so I changed it to sepia because she's brown. But you can't tell. haha oops.


oooh I love chocolate labs. He's purdy! I better not help name him, though. When I name pets they turn out to be evil. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. The "forest fun" comment made me giggle. I added you to my reader!