Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been spending a lot of time with M (my cousin). Having a lot of fun with him. I got a new background, still need to make a new header. I just painted my fingernails. I'm watching "True Life: I don't like my large breasts". Thinking I should be on the show. Thinking I should start working out. Getting over a nasty cold. Mostly happy, a little sad. Annoyed that I have to go exchange my phone for the SIXTH time. 6. SIX. That's too many pieces of shit. Sadie is getting better about potty training. She's learning to sit and stay. Worrying about stupid things. Having heartburn. I go to bed way too late, consequently waking up way to late in the morning (read: afternoon). Going to eat ramen. Goodnight.



I'm glad that your cousin finally arrived. Have fun spending time with him!!! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new layout. So cute!!!!!!!


Thanks! :) I've been spending the majority of every day with him.. haha. I LOVE it. Is it bad that my best friend is 3 1/2 years old?? :/

Holly Renee

True Life is one of my favorite shows! It can be so interesting. Glad you are getting over the cold. XOXO