Friday, June 4, 2010

My very FIRST vlog!

I made my very first vlog for you tonight! :) I was watching some that other people posted and I think it's neat to hear everyones voice and see them, so I made one! (Plus, I want to know if I have an accent...)

Anyways. Here goes nothin!

I didn't really understand why people picked on themselves about their vlogs, until I watched mine. Oh gosh, so many things to critique! And I'm all snuffly and runny nosed, sorry about that.

Well, have a wonderful day!



Oh I could watch these vlogs all day! I am loving watching you guys! And I ADORE Samoas... it is an unhealthy obsession! :)

Love comma Ashlee

Those are the best cookies in the world, right? I quit buying them, it was seriously getting insane! You have the cutest voice, you sound so cute. I think you have an accent, but I'm yeah, I obviously would think that. (=

Jamie H

Wow! You are way more soft spoken than I expected :) I LOVE Samoas too. No, you don't have an accent to me but I live in MN too!


You sound so different than I thought! It seems like everybody loves those cookies, so now I'm gonna have to go out and try some. P.S. I love the blue and green.


I'm jealous I didn't think of the blue green hue, and because you said you were in the basement, all I could keep thinking was how it resembled those infrared cameras and how the blue green meant you must be freezing your face off, lol.

Nicely done, Eureka!


Loved the vlog! The blue and green have it a different "aura" ;)You dont have an accent :)

Holly Renee

I love your vlog! I really like your voice and you have a totally calm energy to you. I miss the innocence of childhood as well.