Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 1

It's official, I've been SHREDDED!

Today was the first day. The workout was like The Firm (which I did last year) but shorter. It was hard, but short enough (20 minutes) to get through it. My boobs were everywhere though. I think I'll go look for a new sports bra tomorrow... they're going to hurt more than anything else.

On another note, I've been in a pretty bad mood all day. I'm in a youth studies class and we have a lot of speakers come in and talk to us about problems that the kids today suffer with. Well, a 15 year old girl who has dealt with gang prevention was going to come chat with us next week. She was 15 years old and already advocating for eliminating gang violence in her neighborhood; no doubt this girl was going to go on to bigger and better things. Well, we get to class today and the teacher was pretty quiet (which is not like him). He procedes to tell us that the girl who was going to come talk to us next week was killed by a gang member.

What has this world come to? I don't feel like I live in a bad place (Twin Cities, MN). I ride the city bus to school and feel fairly safe on it. Here is a girl trying to better her community by actively trying to eliminate gangs in her area and she gets shot. And by a gang member no less.

Pardon me, but this world is fucked up.




Good sport bra is definitely a must. Gotta keep 'em supported! lol But that's awesome girl! Keep it up!

As for the other stuff, I replied on the thread. It's sad but so many of gang banger's feel inferior and deserted when one of them tries to make a difference. They have the mentality of "Who are you to tell me? You're a nobody just like the rest of us." Very sad. Hope you feel better :) Tomorrow's another day... Or I should say today.. :)


Wow, that is so sad about the girl in the gang. Sometimes "blogworld" gets me down too because it brings out all the sad stories. I know it's important to know that there are horrible things going on in this world, but you always have to remember that God is control whether the situation is great or horrible. We are suffering now, but thankfully there is so much to look forward to in Heaven.

Good look on the workout...Jillian is a beast! My friends and I will work out at night in the dorm and it is a riot working out together. We always look hilarious because they always make the videos so hard!


I lived in a dorm last year and we would do The Firm from 1993! It was such a riot. We looked like such idiots but man was it hard!


Good luck with your workout! I wish I could get motivated to do it!

I tagged you in a game on my blog! Go check it out!


Oh my gosh! That's HORRIBLE about the girl who was killed! What a waste of someone's life! :(


Found your blog via Kelly's Korner, btw :)


Holly- thanks for stopping by (and commenting! :))


I came by to apologize for what I had said in blog frog... I dont expect you to forgive me.. we both said some nasty stuff.. I cant take back what I said but I feel horrible that I did..

I am really a good person and some times I let my anger get a hold of me.. SO Im sorry.. And you are very beautiful and did not mean any thing I said..