Friday, March 12, 2010

MySpace (not the website)

For the past week I have had no idea what to blog about. This is pretty bad, seeing as it's only the second week of having a blog. Anyways, I was trying to think of something pretty interesting to write about and couldn't think of anything.

I finally had a decent idea (it's better than posting nothing). I'm going to show you my room! When I moved back home last year (from school) I decided I would take over my mom's "shabby chic" guest room. She was pretty sad, but I wasn't sleeping in the basement. I wanted to repaint it so it felt more like me, this is what I came up with.

Three walls are this blue color and the smallest wall is a medium grey color that matches the metal of my bed. I decided to decorate with some green (the squares are pieces of cork I painted green, but they look more yellow from the flash. Clearly I don't know how to take pictures) and I liked the look of metal more than wood.

This was a card that Dan gave me last year for Valentines Day. It says "iguana love you forever". The funny thing is that he gave the same one to me the year before (he didn't remember though). I guess it really reminded me of him. I framed it because I thought it was cute :)

So my room looks pretty decent. Okay looking decor for a broke college kid.

I always think it's so weird that everyones house is so clean. I feel like no one lives like that (at least I don't). Want to see the mess I live in? Caution, I could be on the show hoarders. It's bad.

Let's see, a chair from the kitchen, a random nightstand that doesn't even go in my room, clothes, dirty towels (seeing as I use them once and they are "dirty"), textbooks/homework, pens, makeup, lotion, a puzzle, A PUZZLE?? What? I'm not really sure what all is going on in there, but it is quite the mess. Do I make my bed? Umm, no. It's so much work up there by the ceiling to get the sheets and blankets tucked in. I don't remember the last time I made my bed. It is the hardest bed to make, EVER. I can't even get to my desk because there is so much stuff on the floor. How did I even let it get this messy??

So there you go. My messy room. I hope it makes you feel better about your room :) I'm off to clean it!