Monday, March 8, 2010


The Shred was discontinued after two days. It just wasn't working for me. I got bored after two days and Jillian really irritated me. I know those are just excuses, but take em or leave em.

I went to a Weight Watchers meeting tonight and signed up. I think keeping track of the points and having a certain amount of points a day will be good for me. I like that it feels tangible and I can lay it out in front of me on a spread sheet. Plus the weigh ins seem like they would keep me on track. It's too early to tell, but hopefully it will work. I'll post my weekly weigh in results here so I'm held accountable here also.

I've changed my name on here and the url because I realized I didn't want people to be able to track me down. I have a facebook for keeping in touch with people I know. I like the feeling that I can say what I want here and no one IRL will know! I've already met some pretty sweet girls in the blog world and I think it's so fun! They have made starting this blog easy and have been very helpful. Thanks guys! :)



I couldn't handle The Shred either... Jillian scares me! :)


She's so intense!


I like Bob a lot. Try his "Boot Camp"...I think you'll like it.


I should! I'm looking it up right now...


Fail, hee hee. I don't exercise at all (I'm working on that) so the fact that you even did a couple days is WIN. I bought Jillians Shred thing months ago and it's still in the wrapper if that makes you feel any better.


That's too funny Joanna! I'm glad you think I'm a winner :) You don't want to watch the DVD anyways, she's annoying! haha

Lula Lola

I've had good luck with weight watchers in the past. Need to try it again!
As far as working out, yuck! I'll do a lap or two around the kitchen.
Good luck! Surely Bob would be better than Jillian, she's very hard core!

Hen Jen

I have a hard time with the Shred too, I lasted 1 week. She does work you, though...can't decide if I should start up again.

I noticed the name change, I don't use our real names at my blog, either.


Hi! I saw you visited my blog, so I visited you!

Any consideration to starting the Shred again? I too have been doing Weight Watchers and I feel like it's helpful (I've lost 28.8 in the past four years) but I definitely need to keep up the exercise routine or it's to no avail.

Anyway, it's been fun "getting to know you" through reading your blog. Take care!