Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's that sucking sound I hear?

Oh, it's me. I really really really suck at making cakes, really.

And chocolate frosting?? I'm even worse at making that...
Poor Dan is going to have the worst birthday cake ever.

And all my comments are gone :( Does anyone have any tips on how to get them back?



Did you do something to lose them, or did they just disappear?!? That would annoy the heck out of me!


They disappeared. I'm so sad! :(


I saw the cake when I got up this morning. It looks great and smells yummy! I woke up at 3 and saw the lights were still on, you got both your camera straps made (they look great) and a cake. I'm impressed!

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the cake wasn't too bad :)


I love your camera straps (different post, I know, but still...)
ANd never mind about the cake - my dh has had rubbish cakes for 15 years and he's still around, LOL.


Thanks Millie. And it's good to know that I won't get dumped for a crappy cake. :)

Shelly K

Yes those straps are fab! You're quite the talented woman....
thanks for stopping by my blog and voting for my girl. We live in a small town. Politics are rampant here. Ugh.