Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I suppose since yesterday I wrote about Sweden, I should write about my trip to Germany, with pictures of course! I went to Germany to help out with my aunt, uncle, and cousin again but this summer my aunt had a knee surgery, so I was doing a lot more work. I took M to kindergarten (which is preschool in Germany) and other places. My aunt couldn't drive so I was in the drivers seat. It was especially nerve-wracking when I had to drive in big cities, German drivers are crazy. The pictures of the flowers/garden are from my uncle's parent's backyard. It it so pretty back there!

So, there's some of my favorite pictures from Germany. I didn't really get any pictures of any landmarks or touristy (is that a word?) things because when I went I wasn't a tourist. I lived there, went grocery shopping like a German, went to the German doctor (for an ear infection), and took my aunt to German physical therapy. I have been to Germany two other times (once for the same aunts wedding and another time for an exchange during high school) so I have been a tourist there before, so it was pretty cool to live the life.

Well, I'm off to buy the 30 DAY SHRED. I figured for $8.99 I might as well try it, Lord knows I need it! I'll be posting to let you know how that goes...



What a pretty garden! Good luck with the Shred! I tried it over the summer, and I'm a wimp and quit halfway through haha. Ohhhh Jillian Michaels!!


Ohh, I'm gonna need to good luck. I'll probably make it through about three days, and that's optimistic :) I thought maybe if I blogged about it maybe I'll do it. But probably not. haha


Wow that must have been amazing!!! I have to admit I'm pretty envious :) And your pictures are awesome!


Thanks! It was awesome, not to brag or anything (but isn't that kind of what that post was??)

I leave again on June 10 and I'm going to try to take even more pictures.. wonder if I will...


Awwww! I love the little plumber's crack:-)


Thanks! I thought it was pretty awesome.


I like the white around the pictures. JMO! :) What an awesome opportunity to go to Germany that many times. I've never been to Europe. It's on my bucket list! :)


Thanks :) It was a lot of fun. It's cool to experience it as a citizen and not a tourist.